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Essential Facial

This anti-aging stress reliever will leave you with a luminous glow. Gentle exfoliation and a custom blend mask plumps up the skin and smooths away signs of aging. Unwind with a luxurious neck, shoulders and scalp massage. Leave feeling youthful and refreshed.

60 mins85

Clarifying Facial

This deep pore cleaning facial is perfect for acne, blackheads and skin congestion. It includes a gentle exfoliation, extractions, a customized balancing mask and a high frequency treatment to help kill bacteria and close the pores for an improved skin tone, texture and overall appearance.

60 mins105

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Pamper yourself with instantly glowing skin. This facial will lift, calm, lighten pigmentation and acne scars as well as infuse essential nutrients for healthy looking skin regardless of type or condition. Unwind in the ultimate skin brightening and hydration.

60 mins

Ohh La La Deluxe Facial

Enjoy the "Essential Facial" in combination with a renewing microdermabrasion that will gently exfoliate skin to diminish signs of aging. Complete your luxury experience with a multi vitamin oxygen infusion treatment and a brightening gold collagen mask. Relaxing neck and shoulders massage is included.

75 mins195

Golden Glow Facial

Rich, indulgent, and nourishing. This anti-oxidant powerhouse is ideal for pre-event as a luxurious treat or as a part of a regular restorative regimen. It includes pure honey, peptides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and 24k gold flakes for an instant luminous and glowing effect that will last for almost 2 weeks.

45 mins160

The Custom Facial

This treatment is customized for your skin's specific needs. Consult with your Esthetician for more information.

60 - 75 mins135 & up

Facial Enhancers

Oxygen Infusion65
Glycolic Acid30
LED Mask25
Vitamin C Treatment30
Customized Mask20
High Frequency15

Waxing Services

Eyebrow Shaping20
Lip Wax10
Full Face Wax50
Chin Wax10
Bikini Wax60 - 70

M'ilis Contour/Detox Body Wrap*

Helps with inch loss, detoxifications and lymphatic cleansing. This body wrap will free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue.

75 mins85

*If you are allergic to Niacin please let us know

​Ionic Foot Detox

An Ionic Cleanse helps remove toxins and other impurities in your body through the soles of your feet. Leave feeling rejuvenated and energized. Clients who are pregnant, nursing, have a pace maker or have epileptic seizures may not receive this treatment.

30 - 45 mins40 - 60



HydraFacial MD $185

HydraFacial is a non invasive procedure that helps reduce the problems of acne and wrinkled skin with no discomfort or downtime. This non laser-based skin resurfacing system quickly gained popularity in the anti-aging circle. Proven to be 97% effective on all skin types. 

Add On's 

Stem Cells- $95

  • Stem Cells is the most promising anti-aging treatment. The system uses stem cells while implementing growth factors and proteins with the most concentrated levels in the industry. This will help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen, bringing back your skin in combination with HydraFacial.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment- $60

  • Lymphatic drainage works to improve circulation, detoxify, tone and firms the skin. This type of treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles due to dehydration, as well as a reduction of puffy skin (edema) and swelling especially under the eyes.

Britenol Treatment - $50

  • The Britenol Treatment is effective for the lightening of hyperpigmentation, dark spots on the skin in combination with HydaFacial.

Dermabuilder Treatment - $50

  • The Dermabuilder Treatment uses a peptide-complex serum which is able to penetrate the top layer of the skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in combination with HydraFacial.

Oxy-Mist Treatment - $70

  • Oxygen in combination (with Amino-Plex) will promote the production of collagen, cell growth, and repairing tissue resulting in rejuvenated and plumped skin.

LED Light Therapy - $60

  • The LED Light Therapy will minimize acne while soothing the skin, reducing redness and inflammation. The LED light-emmiting diode will activate and promote collagen production as well as increasing the rate of skin cell renewal.

​Body Treatment

Hand/Forearm Treatment45
Hydra-Perk Eyes Treatment (with take home products)40
Hydra-Perk Lip Treatment (with take home products)30
Back Treatment MD150
Hydra-Teen Treatment MD95

​Waxing Services

Brow Shaping


Lip Waxing



150 - 250



Sanitas© Signature Facial

60 mins


75 mins


​Ultra Lux Vitamin C Facial

60 mins


75 mins


Celluma© LED Facials

Increase collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing and increase circulation. the results are a lifted, firmer and more youthful complexion. 100% of users saw an improvement in their fine lines and wrinkles.

{Red} Carpet Ready60 or 75 mins
Out of the {Blue}60 or 75 mins
Wash and Glow {Red or Blue}45 mins
Detoxifying Back Facial (add {Blue} LED for extra)60 mins


M'Lis Contour/Detox Body Wrap

Inch loss, detoxification and lymphatic cleansing. Body wrap helps to free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue. If you are allergic to Niacin please let us know.

75 mins85

Ionic Foot Cleanse

Energized water to help your body detox and feel rejuvenated. Clients who are pregnant, nursing, have a pace maker, or have epileptic seizures may not receive this treatment. 

30 mins39
45 mins59

Waxing Services

Brow & Tweeze Shaping25
The Nose Job10
Lip Service10
The Chin Chin10
Full Face55


Lifting Peptide Clarisonic Opal Eye Treatment20
High Frequency Calming & Clearing Treatment15

​Brittany Huggins


1 hour


1.5 hour120

Gina Osbourne


1 hour


1.5 hour120

Spa Services

Spa Services


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